Dismantled an illegal casino in the Cobo Calleja polygon in Fuenlabrada, Madrid

Industrial estate of Cobo Calleja, in Fuenlabrada. 

Polígono industrial de Cobo Calleja, en Fuenlabrada

Agents of the National Police have dismantled an illegal casino in the Cobo Calleja polygon in Madrid where the arrested used electronic devices, trick cards, hidden cameras and even drugs at meals to win games of Mahjong (Chinese table game).

As reported by the Consistory on Saturday in a statement, have seized 200,000 euros in cash and have arrested nine Chinese citizens of the ‘Monk’s Band’.

Exorbitant loans


Another of the activities of the group was to go to important casinos in Madrid to lend money to excessive interests that exceeded 20% per week. To collect interest on the loans, they sometimes used violent extortion, injuries, illegal detentions and serious threats to family members in both Spain and China.

When clients stopped paying high interest rates, they were extorted At the beginning of 2012 and following the arrest of four people responsible for a kidnapping, the presence of a group of highly organized Chinese citizens who frequented important casinos in the Community of Madrid.

There they were dedicated to lending large sums of money at interests of 20% per week to compatriots who had a significant equity in real estate or cash.

After months of research, the researchers identified the members of the organization, called the ‘Monk’s Band’ and discovered their modus operandi.

This consisted of lending money to selected targets that, as soon as they stopped paying high interest rates, were extorted by highly violent methods (injuries, illegal detentions, serious threats to family members both in Spain and in China).

Large sums

It also detected the existence of an illegal casino, located in the industrial estate of Cobo Calleja de Fuenlabrada (Madrid) exclusively for Chinese citizens, where games of Mahjong (Chinese board game) were played daily, in which important amounts circulated. of money.

In fact, at the time of the dismantling of the illegal casino, at one of the tables of the same, an amount close to 15,000 euros in cash was intervened .


In this casino have been detected numerous devices intended to alter the operation of the gaming tables.

They came to administer drugs to players to more easily appropriate their money. These were devices such as electronic inhibitors, deception cards, hidden cameras, etc. At the same time, it has been proven that the head of the Organization, together with one of its employees, managed to administer drugs to those attending the games mixed with food, with the purpose of appropriating their money more easily in the course of the illegal games.

The investigation has culminated with the arrest of nine people , the head of the organization and the components of the two branches of the same.

The first one dedicated to the selection of the victims in the casinos , the loan and the direction of the activities of said organization; and the second dedicated to intimidating or exerting violence on the aforementioned victims.

The investigation has involved agents of the UDEV and the UDEF of the General Commissioner of Judicial Police and the Provincial Brigade of Foreigners and Documentation of the High Police Headquarters of Madrid.

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